I Am Now Dating My Scat Girlfriend! She Is And Was My Best Friend.

Now, I was involved in a long term 10+ year relationship (open for the last 2) which had fizzled away quite a while ago. I don’t need to go into details but you could imagine the kind of life one would build up in those 10 years. We had it all, except sex, and scat play. Sex and being intimate was one of the straws that broke the camels back. Finances were a big one too (my credit score, overall income, savings and mood in general went up since I left her). Scat sex? Shitting for me? That was off the table altogether. It was rare that I would find something left being at the VERY LEAST in that old relationship I had.

Fast forward to now – If you remember this post about me finding a girl that will give me her scat, you’ll see that I wrote I just wanted a life with a busty brunette I know, whom I have a deep connection with.

I don’t mean to be vague about my past and my present relationship, but certain things must be kept private.

Anyways, this girl is now my girlfriend, for real. We’ve moved in together and it’s not one of those impulse decisions. I’ve been friends with her and spoken to her almost every day for 2 years. I’ve lived with her temporarily before and life never skipped a beat.

What’s our sex life like? Pretty damn amazing. I told her my drive is incredibly high – so is hers, but she would rather me wake her up in the middle of the night to fuck than me go without her and use my hands. I cannot make this up. That’s how good it is. Sometimes we don’t fuck, but many times it’s at least 2 times a night in the same sleep! And no it’s not boring. There’s no honeymoon phase with her, it would have happened a while ago.

What’s our scat play like? It’s not always a go. Bowel movements / time / work / other responsibilities get in the way sometimes. Sometimes we don’t have a free night to do enemas or stuff like that either. Sometimes I’m not in the mood for it either. Sometimes I just want normal sex.

The last scat experience was about 5 days ago from this article. She had been on the toilet and I knew what she was doing so I walked in. She was done, so I told her to not wipe her ass and go upstairs. I grabbed one of the harder, yet firm pieces and put it in my mouth. I got her in doggystyle position and smelled her ass before fucking it messy from behind. Shit still in my mouth, I let the taste mix with my saliva as I pounded her from behind. She rolls over and I let her watch me be the dirty pig I am as I continue to pound her and fill her up. I like to swallow little bits as I go. Other times when I’m in a more destructive mood, I enjoy swallowing and choking on scat.

So that’s where I’m at right now. We’re dating and life is great. I’m sure there’s going to be many challenges, but I already feel more comfortable with myself than ever before around here. She gets me, I get her, we compliment each other nicely.

Oh, we got one of these. I can’t wait to have her piss and shit all over me (removing the insert bucket of course). She can also leave me presents when I’m at work in this thing!

I cannot contribute all my success to my scat dating techniques, but I have tried them. I’ve found that this kind of fetish needs to be understood, completely and mindfully. So however you decide to go about finding a scat partner or browse scat dating sites, you need to make sure they understand who you are.

When You Actually Find A Scat Girl To Date (True Story) This Is How It Goes Down

So, since I’m basically anonymous (and even if you found out who I was, I don’t care anymore at this point in life), I want to share with you a story about how I met the girl I’m with now. She’s officially my first ever regular supplier of scat. Now, don’t get me wrong it took a lot of time to find a scat girl to date but even when she was open with the idea, the fact we didn’t live together made it really hard to time her shitting with my needing it. She’s a great girl actually, we bode well together and she lets me be sexually free. I give her the same outlets but she’s pretty set on having good, regular sex. Me on the other hand, I’m a different story.

She’s a shy girl who over thinks everything about shit and piss. She’s been pissing for me in glass jars, shitting for me and leaving it in the toilet and yeah, she doesn’t get a period so she can’t leave me tampons or pads and she doesn’t vomit. So I literally take what she can give me.

She lives with me now, which meant that she was able to comfortably shit or piss and have me able to retrieve it in a fair amount of time. Yup, even shit that sits in water gets very loose and loses it’s appeal.

So one before I continue I need to stress that scat dating sites DO work to find scat singles, but sometimes you just have to take a chance with a normal girl like I did and meet them using Tinder / POF. But yes, scat girls are merely unicorns and regular girls who give you the time of day will likely appease to your needs, even if it’s simply by not flushing the toilet.

So I’ve retrieved shit from the toilet about 5 (I believe) times now in the last two months. She tends to use the bathroom in the morning. I am a shit eater, however you wouldn’t know about my kinks unless I tell you. I pride myself in being clean except when it comes to having an orgasm.

I can’t tell ya if I like what she leaves behind for me is good tasting because it’s actually a good “present” or because it’s simply FROM HER. Either way, I like it enough to actually swallow it. Sometimes I video tape myself doing it. Other times I just go about my business. Lately it’s been hot taking hers and merging it with mine. Sometimes I like the taste of both combined together. Sometimes I take it a step further and blow my load on my hand drip my cum in my mouth and mix all three into a HER shit, my shit and cum concoction.

Here’s some pictures from one of my latest scat toilet retrievals.

So that’s not bad eh? It would interesting to try some of her harder shits, which I haven’t had yet but this was good enough considering we haven’t done this very long. Knowing it came from her and what she ate is like the ultimate connection for me. 🙂

Slowly, I’m hoping to get her comfortable enough to piss in front of me (edit: this happened this morning!) and shit in front of me. She’s starting to fart in front of me which means things are moving along nicely. I just want her to realize I want this more than ever.

It would be hot to smear shit all over her tits and body. We’ve done a drunken night once where she doesn’t remember exactly how it went down but she made out with me with shit in our mouths. Anyways, I’m hoping to keep pushing the limits and have her realize this is like the ultimate turn on.

For those that don’t know I’m also sexually open. I do like random hookups and the idea of eating shit during sex from random girls without knowing much about them. I’ve done that once with an 18 year old. That’s a story from another time. I love the look of disgust I get when they catch on to what I’m actually doing.

This girl though, the one this story is about, I’m very connected and deep with her. I’ll always provide for her and make sure she’s taken care of. It’s been over a year I’ve been texting and seeing her on a regular basis. She knows who I am but it would be nice if she realized I don’t want a relationship from someone else other than her. I do want multiple scat partners and to “date them” in hopes of me getting what I want. But ultimately a loving home with my busty brunette babe is all I could ever ask in the long haul. How’s that for a scat story, a real scat story?

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The First Time I Paid For A Scat Escort

There was this story about a the first time I paid for a scat escort. Anyways, I was younger and the laws in Canada were a little different than they are today. Back then, hiring an escort was all good as long as you’re not exploiting workers. So as long as you did it off the streets, like through backpage.com or something like that it was all good and clean fun. Post 2014 it was considered illegal to hire any escort for services even online, but legal to provide the service. One of those weird laws that cracked down on those buying vs providing. To my knowledge, it really hasn’t change the demand heading into 2018 because the ads are still all over the place.

Anyways, the first time I paid for a scat escort it was pretty easy going. I told her I didn’t want sex, but to just use the bathroom on me. Shit on me and piss on me. She was an older Cuban lady. She was fit and slightly brown skinned, with big tits.

I got to her place, paid just $50 bucks and laid in her bathtub naked. She pissed in my mouth first, squatting over me. It was strong, like she had drank coffee first or something like that. Dehydrated. I drank it up no problem. Her shit missed my mouth, but it was soft and yellowish, like she eats a lot of fruit and veg. Since it missed my mouth, I didn’t want to put it in my own mouth as it took away from the fantasy. So I did taste it but used it on my cock as lube. The experience was very good but not great because she left me alone to do my thing in the bathroom. Scat dating would have come in handy – at least with a real girlfriend she wouldn’t have bailed on me if she agreed to do this. Anyways, back to the story, she let me shower and I basically left.

I would give this girl another try once again. Stay tuned for the next story.

Getting Her Shit During Sex – Stick Your Finger In Her Butt!

Once you see all the great scat dating sites out there, you finally meet a girl – one who is into scat or not. The question is now, how are you going to get her to poop for you? From what I know, it’s sometimes even hard for that to happen, even if it’s planned out and she wanted to do it for you – sometimes it just doesn’t work physically.

One method that has worked for me was to finger the girl’s ass. Nice and slowly while working her pussy too. Sometimes it’s nice to stick a finger in her butt. If possible, tell her to not shit before you guys play. It should be right there. I would suggest doggystyle finger fucking deep into her ass, slowly, gently, but you should be able to pull out some poop in the process. This is good for new couples to scat play as it lets you do your thing while she doesn’t have to see everything that’s going on. Some girls are shy, grossed out or just not sure what to think in general. That’s okay. Scat play is all about baby steps.

I hope this helped you figure out a new way to get shit out of your girlfriend’s ass during scat play.

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Maybe It’s Your Approach To The Subject Of Scat?

I thought about this the other day. When you’re chatting with a woman about your scat fetish, how does the conversation go? Do you  just flat out say shit on me? Do you just say shit on my chest? Or I want to eat your shit? How are you approaching women in this regard?

One thing I know about women is that the majority of them appreciate respect, time and persistence. They don’t always give it away quick, especially complex fetishes like scat play, so finding a girl who will consider scat dating is a big deal. I bet there’s some kind of scientific flow chart that would make this easier for you to understand the way their mind works and what I’ve found personally when it comes to them getting kinky for you.

In another post, I’ll go more into detail about the best way to go about scat dating from a psychological perspective. In reality, just about any girl will do this for you, but how you get them to agree to shit in the toilet and leave it for you, shit on you, or shit in your mouth – that’s the tricky part. I’ve had a few real scat experiences where it ACTUALLY WORKED OUT. And many failed attempts!

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