Me (Male) Harvesting Guy’s Shit At Work

I didn’t give a fuck who he was. The turd was perfect. I wish my scat queen could have replicated this shit for me but she couldn’t / wasn’t available. I mean, how do you get someone to make the perfect scat when shitting is mostly random, depending on what you eat, who you are and how hydrated you are?

This is the problem I’ve been facing for years during my scat dating experiences. The girls that were down, could go but the result was less than ideal. I’m talking ass piss liquid shit or fluffy gross pieces. My current girlfriend can produce decent sized smooth shits¬†and better looking ones than even that, but I was at work today and couldn’t help myself with the male shit I saw before me in the stall.

Now, being a guy, open minded, possibly bi, I’m very particular what shit I go for, what excites me and the like. I wish I could have taken a picture. It was hard with some smoothness but more individual pieces molding into one super turd. In the picture below, it would be considered brown + sausage shaped but lumpy.

Anyways, I saw this massive turd in the bathroom. I almost went to another stall, before realizing nobody is inside the bathroom at all. So I went back to the shit filled bowl without hesitation. This was my lunch break. I could have done what I normally would have done, but I wasn’t going to pass on this perfect shit.

I know, too much detail on my scat experience but necessary. This WAS NOT a girl’s shit, this was a guy’s shit. Which is more rare for me to enjoy but more common for me to find, as I am a guy.

I firstly touched the shit. It was intact, possibly an hour or less old. Firm, not soft, but not really hard either. It smelt good. Not like the kind you just want to throw away. It was more attractive by the second. I couldn’t believe it.

With just 15 minutes to myself, I figured I could have an amazing experience solo here, without my girlfriend. She has been very patient with me by the way and is okay with guys in the picture (I know these guys aren’t sure that their shit is going to be played with, but I still asked for GF approval), so I went for it.

I grabbed the turd, broke it in half, smelt it for freshness and tasted with the tip of my tongue. Satisfied, I drop it on my tongue and check for any sign of repulse or rejecting it. NOPE. I started tasting and sucking on it as my cock grew hard.

I never jerk off at work, but this time I NEEDED TO. Really needed to. So I’m sucking on shit, the first half, the second half I start rubbing all over my cock. Since the turds were hard, the shit barely smeared on my dick and pubes. I started sucking and letting bits of shit fall down my throat as I jerked off. Very exciting and hot.

I hate that it’s a guy, but I’m kind of bi anyways, so I didn’t really mind. I just didn’t want to see who’s it was. I am still clueless. That’s the best part.

Anyways, just like how I want to fuck other girls and guys, variety in poop is just as exciting. Especially the unknown. What did they eat, what do they look like, how hard was it to push out of their ass and would it make me sick – do they have a disease or STD? That all partakes in my mood towards woman and men. I don’t want to think of a fat, out of shape guy that wants to leave me his shit. I think of an in shape guy or girl that looks great while they shit it out and encourages me to eat it.

I know I’m coming off as grasping at straws but this is legit.


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